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Agribosco srl is an “agri-food farm” which processes raw materials grown by the farmers who are partners of our AgroBiologic Consortium Agribosco. We process them into high-quality semi-processed and end products and sell them in Italy and abroad. Once harvested, the product is stored and processed in the Agribosco facilities in our plant, which is located in Sigillo (Perugia) at the very heart of the Monte Cucco Natural Park.


The plant extends over an area of about 3500 square meters, and is used to sort, decorticate, mill and package several cereal, legume and flour varieties. In particular, we have a storage centre with a capacity of 9200 tons, which is a unique facility at national level when it comes to food safety.

The plant is equipped with the most modern sorting and dehulling machines, which guarantee high standards of quality and productivity. Our three facilities are flexible and efficient, processing any variety of cereal, legume or medicinal plant.


From sowing to packaging, Agribosco is committed to ensuring the strict observance of high-quality standards, therefore obtaining numerous important certifications. For example, over the last several years, Agribosco has been certifying the traceability of its supply chain in compliance to the UNI EN ISO 22005/2008 standard. This means that when the product is harvested, it is identified by a traceability batch number, which gathers information about the farmer and quality data which have been collected upon unloading of the goods in our facilities. Thanks to this code it is possible to follow any stage of the production process.
As a result, every product has its own "identity card", which is one of the most important guarantees we can offer to our customers and which testifies the uniqueness of our brand.

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