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Agribosco was founded in 1990 by Pietro and Alba, two farmers.

Their choice was both radical and essential. They were indeed aware of the damages to human health and environment caused by the intensive exploitation of land, which was filled with chemical fertilizers and weed killers. Therefore, they decided to follow the values of the country life, being inspired by the tradition and genuineness of our land in the Monte Cucco natural park.

Fields were converted in order to grow organic crops and new facilities were built to store and sort cereals and legumes, which are gifts from our land.

The love for the environment and the care of plants at all stages – from sowing to harvesting - brought the most rewards and our customers became immediately aware of that. In no time we became raw-material suppliers of the most important organic brands in Italy and abroad, sharing with them the same attitude and mission.


Pietro and Alba strongly believed that:

“Nature is our mother, the land we farm is a loyal friend with a millenary history – it will remain there after our death. Therefore, any idea of ownership loses its meaning and we have to take good care of our land. We must preserve the environment, since this is a borrowing from future generations and we should give it back to them enriched, and not unduly exploited”.

Nowadays, we are still inspired by this attitude, more than ever. In this spirit, Pietro and Alba’s sons are committed to carrying on their parents’ work and share this ethical principles and professionalism with many other farmers. The products of Agribosco stem from this background, since Agribosco can be considered as a model of Italian organic farming.


A company which operates in an ethical and socially responsible way is able to meet the needs of all the stakeholders: entrepreneurs, employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and consumers.

Agribosco fulfills its social and ethical commitment by balancing the entrepreneur’s remuneration expectations with the economical, social and environmental standards required by those who are part of the company.


These are, very briefly, the principles which inspire us. Agribosco is for us a farming system thanks to which it is possible to protect the lives of tens of farmers who are our partners and who sometimes live in marginal and unspoilt areas. By doing so we commit ourselves to helping micro-businesses to survive.

We firmly believe that small farmers perform an important social function and preserve priceless cultural values, such as the protection of the environment, the enhancement of natural areas and local traditions.

Our farming system is based on high-quality standards, it fosters and preserves biodiversity by protecting ancient seeds which are part of the local heritage and by using alternative and renewable energy sources to harvest and handle its products.

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