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The process leading to the acquisition of a certification is long and meticulous – therefore it represents an important guarantee of origin for any product. 

The monitoring process starts from the farm and is carried out in all the processing steps, until distribution on the market.

These checks focus on the seeds which have been used, the compliance with the good growing practices laid down in the production policy, the storage and production facilities and all the processing steps including the delivery.


The logo and labelling rules are a crucial part of the organic legislation. This logo is used at European level to designate organic products according to Regulation EC 834/2007. Its main goal is to make organic products more easily recognisable for consumers.


According to the UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 international standard, the certification of the agri-food supply chain traceability guarantees that the traceability of a specific product has been checked and documented in all processing stages by engaging everyone involved in the production process.


Bioagricert is the most important inspection and certification body of this sector in Italy and in Europe. Its goal is to check and certificate that companies preserve the environment, the dignity of employees at the consumers’ rights.


This label indicates that the product has been certified following the organic farming regulations in the USA. This is also a vital requirement to export organic products in the USA.


The OU Kosher label identifies and certifies products accepted in the jewish community. The Ortodox Union is one of the most famous and well-known certification bodies of Kosher products: it inspects every processing step and certifies that the company respects high quality standards and the Jewish tradition.


The International Food Standard (IFS) aims at promoting the selection of food suppliers according to their ability to provide safe products, which comply with all contractual specifications and with the legal requirements. This certification is recognised both in Europe and worldwide.


The Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) was created in 1998 to guarantee that brand products are obtained according to predefined high quality standards and following minimum requirements. This food safety standard is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which is an international initiative aiming at enhancing and promoting food safety along the food supply chain.


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