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Soft Wheat

Soft Wheat

Ingredients: soft wheat packed in 1000 kg big bags.

  • Product specification

    Product name: Grano Tenero Bio – Filiera Controllata.

    Production site address: Loc. S. Anna n. 1 – 06028 – Sigillo (PG) - Italia.

    List of ingredients stated on the label: 100% organic soft wheat - controlled food chain.

    Allergen declaration (if any): the following gluten-containing products are processed in the plant: spelt and products thereof, barley and products thereof, oat and products thereof, wheat and products thereof, rye and products thereof, Khorasan wheat and products thereof.

    GMO declaration: none of our commercialized varieties are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or products thereof.

    Raw material origin: Italy.

    Net weight/drained weight/gross weight: 400 g - 1 kg - 5 kg - 25 kg - 1000 kg.

    Best before: the best before date is printed on the side of the bag, printed on the label (1000 kg).

    Shelf-life: 2 years after packaging in a protective atmosphere, 1 year after packaging in a big bag.

    Indication of the batch number: the batch number is printed on the side of the bag, printed on the label (1000 kg).

    Storage: store in a cool, dry place away from any heat source.

    Packaging: the 1000kg loose product is packed in big bags placed on a pallet. Delivery by courier.

    Sensory characteristics: smell, taste and colour typical of the product.


    Chemical and physical characteristics*


    Moisture: 12%

    Ash: -

    Aw (water activity): -

    pH: -

    *sample average values


    Microbiological characteristics*


    Mesophilic total bacteria: 50.000 CFU/g

    Total coliforms: 1.100 CFU/g

    E. coli: <10 CFU/g

    Coagulase-positive staphylococci: <100 CFU/g

    Salmonella spp.: negative/ 25g

    Listeria monocytogenes: negative/ 25g

    Mold: 1.000 CFU/g

    Yeast: 1.000 CFU /g

    *limit values in compliance with the HACCP guidelines


    Nutrition facts label (Nutrients/100 g*)


    Calories: 340 Kcal / 1420 KJ

    Total fat: 2 g

    Saturated fat: 0.2 g

    Total carbohydrate: 69 g

    Sugars: 0 g

    Dietary Fiber: 8 g

    Protein: 11 g

    Salt: 0.1 g

    *sample average values


    Traceability code in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 178\2002: the batch number printed on the bag is defined in our traceability system in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 22005:08.

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